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Nu-Lax Pregnancy Regularity Support

Nu-Lax Pregnancy Regularity Support

Our Pregnancy Regularity Support is a natural bowel regularity powder specifically designed to gently support you during this special time.

It is a natural blend of whole green kiwi fruit and prune powder with seawater magnesium that all work together to gently support regularity.

Lightly flavoured to accommodate a sensitive palate and digestive system of expectant women.

Can be taken daily or as required, simply add to water or a favourite beverage

• Helps keep you regular
• Dissolves easily
• Contains a scoop for ease of use
• Light neutral flavour

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  • Fermented prebiotic fibre rich fruit powders

    Actazin™ Kiwi Powder is clinically proven to increase stool frequency and support healthy bowel regularity.
    Prunes are rich in fibre and have been used as a remedy for improving stool frequency and consistency.

  • Bioactive Seawater Magnesium

    Gently stimulates bowel motility by drawing water into the intestines. It also softens and increases the size of stools, making it easier to pass.

  • Gentle formula

    Carefully selected whole food ingredients known to gently support regularity.

Why consider Nu-Lax Pregnancy Regularity Support

Irregular and uncomfortable bowel movements are common in pregnancy. Over 40% of women report symptoms at some stage of their pregnancy, commonly in the 1st and 2nd trimesters 1.

Nu-Lax Pregnancy Regularity Support provides gentle daily support during pregnancy helping regularity and motility.


1. Gartland D et al. Women’s health in early pregnancy: Findings from an Australian nulliparous cohort study. Australian New Zealand Journal Obstetrics Gynaecology 2010; 50: 413-418.

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Prune powder (prune, maltodextrin), isomaltooligosaccharides (IMO), citric acid, green kiwifruit powder, seawater magnesium, stevia, silicon dioxide, microcrystalline cellulose.

Important Information

Shake well before use.

Adults: Mix 2 level scoops with a glass of cold or tepid* water or your favourite beverage. May be taken up to 3 times a day if needed. *Best to be consumed in beverages less than 65°C.