This is Nu-Lax

Nu-Lax has been proudly supporting Australian gut health since 1937.

Chances are, you have seen our name around. Our sunny bright packets are hard to miss – and for good reason. Because when you’re in need of a bit of help ‘moving things along’, it’s our mission to be there with natural and effective products.

Maybe you first saw us in your mum’s cupboard when you were growing up. Perhaps you’ve been using Nu-Lax your whole life (hello there faithful friend). Or maybe you’re exploring ways to improve your health and wellbeing, and you’ve learned that good health begins in the gut.

In any case, we’ve been helping Australians stay regular for a long time.

This is Nu-Lax

Ever since Charles Algie created his original formula back in 1937, to be exact. Back in the day, Charles was the proprietor of a health food shop in Melbourne. A handful of Charles’ customers started hinting that they were looking for assistance with their ‘irregularity’.

Using his specialised knowledge of herbs, fruits, and their chemical properties, Charles prepared a special formula designed to give gentle relief from constipation. It was all-natural, great tasting, and most of all… effective!

News of the formula took off as Australians breathed a sigh of relief on toilets around the country.

Before he knew it, customers that were wanting Charles’ special mixture swelled to such an extent he couldn’t keep up with demand in his little shop.

It was time to bring relief to the masses!

Nu-Lax was officially born in Melbourne in 1944 when the name was trademarked, and mass production began.

Fast forward to now, and Charles’ original formula has remained largely unchanged. An effective combination of the tropical herb Senna, plus the goodness of fruits including gut-friendly figs and dates, Nu-Lax promotes good gut health for Australians of all ages.

We’ve even expanded our range of digestive solutions, so Australians can get the benefits they need in a way that’s most convenient for them.

Our gut health support range of daily prebiotics include fibres, vitamins, nutrients, and our Digestive Blend™of spices essential for healthy, nourished and diverse gut flora.

Today, Nu-Lax products are sold throughout the world including China, the traditional home of herbal medicine, Canada, New Zealand, Malta and the United States.

We’re pretty proud of how far we’ve come.

Australian made and owned since 1937, we like to think of ourselves as one of Australia’s most enduring success stories.

Natural Support or Gut Health

Nu-Lax has been carefully formulated to include a number of different ingredients essential for good gut health. We’ve harnessed the properties of fruits such as figs, dates, prunes and combined them with delicious pears, peaches and apricots to deliver an effective solution with great taste.

That being said, the common ‘backbone’ of many of our products is an amazing plant called Senna.

Senna (Cassia Angustifolia, also known as Tinnevelly Sennaor Senna Alexandrina) is a small semi-desert shrub that is cultivated in Africa, India and southern China. Senna was first used medicinally by Arabian physicians back in the 9th century to assist in the treatment of constipation.

Traditionally, Senna leaves and pods were brewed in a tea, but the Nu-Lax formula includes the herb in powdered form.

Combined with the powerful gut-health properties of prebiotic fruits, the ingredients of Nu-Lax work together to keep you regular and enhance good gut health, naturally.