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Nu-Lax Natural Multi Fibre

Nu-Lax Natural Multi Fibre

Our Natural Multi-fibre is a multi-function fibre blend that supports bowel regularity, good gut bacteria and overall gut health.

This unique blend contains four dietary fibre types derived from whole food sources. Fibre types include soluble, viscous gel forming, insoluble and prebiotic. Certified low FODMAP for better tolerance of gut sensitivities and can decrease digestive discomfort.
Incorporate into a daily routine and support good gut health.

• Helps bowel regularity
• Improves gut microflora
• Decreases digestive discomfort
• Certified low FODMAP – for people with gut sensitivities
• Supports good gut health
• Nutrition claim: Good Source of Dietary Fibre at 4g per serve
• Dissolves easily
• Natural apple flavour

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  • Multiple fibre types

    A healthy diet should incorporate all fibre types to maintain a balanced gut microbiome and optimise good gut health. Fibre types include soluble, viscous gel forming, insoluble and prebiotic.

  • Certified low FODMAP

    Laboratory tested to be low in FODMAPs and made with ingredients that are well tolerated by those who suffer with gut sensitivities.

  • Good Source of dietary fibre

    A quality multi-fibre containing 4g of dietary fibre per serve to help meet daily fibre requirements

Why consider Nu-Lax Natural Multi-fibre

Most Australians don’t eat enough fibre 1.Research has shown that only 28.2% of adults and 42.3% of children consume there commended amount of fibre in their daily diets 2. It is recommended thatAustralian and New Zealand adults consume between 25g to 30g per day 3. Different types of fibres also play different roles in the digestive system and feed particular beneficial bacteria. We need all types of fibre in our diets to maintain a thriving digestive system and in turn, optimise our overall health. Our Natural Multi-fibre is a natural blend of all four types 4. Soluble fibre is essential for collecting waste products and eliminating them from the body.5 Insoluble fibre adds bulk to enable the removal of waste through the bowel.It helps soften stools, promotes regularity.• Viscous gel-forming fibre increases chyme viscosity, slows down digestive processes and induces satiety 6. Prebiotic fibre feeds the beneficial gut bacteria and improves microflora balance in the gut.



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4.McRorie J, Fahey G. Fiber supplements and clinically meaningful health benefits: identifying the physiochemical characteristics of fiber that drive specific physiologic effects. In: Wallace TC, ed. The CRC Handbook on Dietary Supplements in Health Promotion. Florence, KY: CRC Press, Taylor & Francis Group; 2015:161–206.

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Dietary Fibre blend 91% (Soluble Corn Fibre, Apple Fibre, Acacia Gum, Psyllium Husk), Citric Acid, Natural Flavour, Copper Chlorophyllin, Curcumin, Stevia.

Important Information

Mix 1 heaped teaspoon (6g) in a glass of cool water once a day or as needed.
Store in a cool dry place.