The natural solution for overnight relief

The Nu-Lax formula harnesses the goodness of nature to provide gentle, reliable relief from constipation. Our trusted, organic fruit-based formula has been helping Australian families stay regular for generations.

The core ingredient in our relief range is the herb Senna. Senna is a plant native to Northern Africa that has been used medicinally for centuries for natural relief for mild or moderateconstipation.

Senna becomes active when digested, with its laxative effect following approximately eight hours later. This makes it a convenient solution for overnight constipation relief. Just take Nu-Lax laxative block, tablets or bar beforebed, and wake up to gentle relief – so you can get on with your day!

Experience the Nu-Lax Difference

Nu-lax combines the strength of Senna with dried figs, dates, pears, apricots, and peaches,offering natural relief in a variety of great tasting products.

While Nu-Lax has been formulated to give you gentle relief, its ingredients are powerful. Always stick to the recommended dosage, otherwise you may find yourself on the toilet much more than you bargained. We warned you!

The secrets of Senna​

Senna (Cassia augustifolia, also known as Senna alexandrina) is a small semi-desert shrub that is cultivated in Africa, India and southern China.

The first recorded use of Senna as a medicinal herb was back in the 9th century. Today, Senna is well known around the world and trusted as a natural, gentle laxative.

Traditionally Senna leaves were brewed into a tea, but it’s difficult to control the concentration of active ingredients that way. Fortunately, modern medicine has allowed us to develop standardised plant extract – so you can rely on the same dose and strength consistently.

How does Senna work?

The active ingredients in Senna are a group of active molecules known as the sennosides (A, B, C, and D). These substances are part of a larger group of chemicals known as the anthraquinones, all of which have a similar chemical structure.

During digestion, the sennosides in the Senna leaf gently influence the walls of the bowel, causing:

  • increased rate of movement, and
  • increased levels of secretions.

The end result? Your bowels move waste through quicker, which means you don’t end up with dry, hard stools. And the increased levels of secretions mean your stools are lubricated for easier passing, reducing your risk of haemorrhoids through straining.

**As a gentle yet effective laxative, senna is the natural alternative for short-term constipation. Long-term use (for more than two weeks), can cause damage to your digestive system. If you need to use a laxative for more than 7 days, consult a health professional.