Digestive Fibre

Dietary fibre is essential for keeping our digestive system healthy. It helps with a range of important processes within us, from stablising our glucose and cholesterol, controlling acidity in our intestines, and promoting regular bowel movements.

A good fibre intake is also associated with reduced chronic disease risk[1]and a longer life[2]. That’s a great reason to pack your plate with vegetables, fruits, whole grains, and legumes!

But most Australians don’t consume enough fibre[3].

All it takes is 25-30g per day to start experiencing the benefits of digestive fibre. If you think your diet is insufficient, a dietary fibre supplement may help.

Nu-Lax makes it easy to get the fibre you need

Fibre comes in two forms: soluble and insoluble. Soluble fibre slows down the digestive process in our stomachs, helping us feel fuller for longer. Insoluble fibre absorbs water to help soften our stools and support regular bowel movements.

The importance of fiber is intimately tied with the importance of our gut microbes too. Our gut contains trillions of bacteria that help us absorb nutrients, fight disease, and regulate our metabolism. A proper fiber diet feeds our gut flora, making them thrive and multiply.

Different fibres feed different beneficial bacteria, therefore it is essential to take a variety of different fibres to promote and nourish the diverse population of friendly bacteria in your digestive system.

Consuming large amounts of just one type of fibre can lead to overgrowth of certain types of bacteria and can lead to excessive production of gas.  This can cause bloating and discomfort. 

Keeping your gut flora healthy and balanced is not just the key to proper digestive functioning… it could be the key to a longer, healthier life[4].

The Nu-Lax Platinum Daily Prebiotic range was created with your gut flora in mind. It contains a unique blend of fibre and prebiotic elements designed to feed the diverse population of healthy bacteria in your gut.

It’s never been easier to get the fibre you need for a healthier life!

NU-LAX  Platinum Daily Prebiotic Fruit & Fibre Powder

Apple and pear flavour + Pineapple Flavour

Nu-Lax Platinum Daily Prebiotic Fruit & Fibre powder contains a unique blend of fibres to support gut health. Light and refreshing with a natural apple and pear flavour, add it to your water, juice or daily smoothie.