Australians today live in an environment containing more pollutants, plastics, and chemicals than ever before. If the external toxicity wasn’t enough, many of us live with high levels of stress due to our busy lifestyles.

Modern life certainly does bring its challenges!

Over time, the buildup of toxins in our system can leave us tired, prone to digestive issues, and regularly battling infections (such as colds and flu). High toxicity could even put us at risk of more serious health issues[1].

The good news is that our bodies have a natural detoxification system. Our liver is the first line of defence against toxins, acting like a filter for our blood. The kidneys also play an important role, constantly getting rid of toxins in the form of urine.

In a perfect world, our bodies’ natural detoxification system would handle many imbalances quickly and efficiently. But poor diet, stress, lack of exercise, alcohol consumption and other trappings of modern life can put us off track.

A detox supplement may help support your body’s natural detoxification system to run optimally.

Apple cider vinegar and gut health

Humans have been using vinegar as a medicinal treatment for more than 10,000 years[2]. Apple cider vinegar is beneficial for increasing the production of digestive enzymes and hydrochloric acid in the stomach and gut. It is a digestive stimulant, as well as providing some probiotics and prebiotics to maintain a healthy gut microbiota.

A fermented juice made from crushed apples, apple cider vinegar contains a number of important vitamins including pectin, vitamins B1, B2, and B6, biotinfolic acid, niacin, and vitamin C. It also contains small amounts of the minerals sodium, phosphorous, potassiumcalcium, iron, and magnesium, as well as acetic acid and citric acid.

Apple cider vinegar is not only beneficial for the gut, it has a range of other health-promoting properties, such as antibacterial activity, blood pressure reduction, antioxidant activity, reduction in the effects of diabetes and prevention of cardiovascular disease[3].
If you feel that your gut isn’t performing optimally to help you digest and absorb nutrients and you’re not excreting toxins as well as you should, Nu-Lax Everyday Detox Tonic can help stimulate and support your digestion and toxin elimination.

NU-LAX Everyday Detox Tonic 500mL

The combination of organic, naturally fermented apple cider vinegar combines beautifully with the soothing cool aloe vera juice.  When diluted with some warm water, it is the perfect daily detox tonic that wakes up your taste buds and stimulates your digestion. 

The Detox Tonic contains the ‘mother’ of the apple cider vinegar which provides natural probiotics.  Whole, tree-ripened organic apples are harvested and used whole to make the apple cider vinegar.  This process ensures that the natural pectin and prebiotics remain in the final product.   

Aloe Vera juice is obtained from the inner leaf gel of potent Aloe barbadensis.  It is organically grown in rich and fertile volcanic soils producing a juice that is high in plant polysaccharides as well as range of vitamins and minerals.  Aloe has natural soothing, healing and anti-inflammatory properties.  It has been used for centuries for healing in traditional medicines around the world.

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